Doctors and resources for supplements and perscription medications, Ivermectin, and personalized treatments. Dr. Peter McCullough MD has a wealth of reliable information about C0VID 19:

Basic supplements to equip your immune system can protect you if you are in contact with people who have recieved the Dangerous Injections or if you personally recieved the injections:
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Ivermectin(Doctors say this can be taken preventatively 1xmonthly)


Whether POST-INJECTED or NON-INJECTED if you are experiencing SYMPTOMS:
Doctors perscribe: a 10day regiment of Ivermectin taken with Zinc(50mg).
High dose Vitamin C(1000mg) 
Sinus flush with a few drops of mixture made of 1ounce water and 1/4 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide or povidone iodine 4-6times/day until symptoms subside(can also be taken preventatively when in contact with others to sanitize sinuses and prevent replication of viruses in the sinus cavity)
Nattokinase(recently discover by the Japanese, comes from fermented soybean, dissolves BL00DCL0TS and C0VD SPIKE PROTIEN) available at a local supplement store.

Doctors and scientists are still looking for solutions to prevent the harmful effects of the injections. Additionally, some doctors in the links below are providing treatment to DETOX the injections from peoples bodies. You can contact them to recieve personalized treatment.
Do NOT recieve any more injections, the SH0TS marketed as C0VID INJECTI0NS are NOT VAXES and are dangerous and deadly. This is a link containing supplements and foods that can contribute to preventing the health complications resulting from the C0VID spike protiens in the C0VID injections, Spike Protien Detox:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D3

IVERMECTIN(10 day regiment along with Zinc) is one of the main solutions doctors suggest to stop the effects of the shots. Available through many sources such as the doctors websites on this page. Article revealing the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin:



Nattokinase(recently discover by the Japanese, comes from fermented soybean, dissolves BL00DCL0TS and C0VID SPIKE PROTIEN) available at a local supplement store. Link to purchase recently discovered Nattokinase:











Please consult a trusted physician for personalized medical advice. Always seek the advice of a trusted physician or other qualified healthcare provider with anyquestions regarding a medical condition. This is not medical advice but compiled information from qualified doctors, and scientists, such as Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Zeleko, Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Flemming, Dr. Merrit, Dr. Mercola