Through the shutdowns of 2020 and the years following, the Corrupt Establishment consolidated power over the economy and the business/resource sector of society. This is an essential part of a flourishing Human Civilization. As of now there is no telling the exact extent of the damage their actions will have on society in the months and years to come.

-NOW IS THE TIME for WE THE PEOPLE to begin Rebuilding a stable Decentralized Network of Free Market and Trade & Barter. Let us inspire others to Boycott Major Businesses that are connected to the control grid that is expected to enslave Americans with CBDC currency, irrational and unneccessary climate regulations, excessive serveillance, and unconstitutional fees on personal property.
-Stimulate and Empower a Decentralized Economy by supporting local Mom and Pap, Brick and mortar, Patriot, Christian, American owned businesses in your local community. Freedom is a Group effort not a spectator sport. Take action by encouraging others to Boycott major corporations and the establishment. It's up to YOU! Your day to day shopping can contribute to building a robust parrallel economy when we all take action by voting with our wallet and starve the Beast system by no longer funding their tyranny. It may cost more than shopping with Fascist businesses like Amazon and Target, and Walmart, but you either pay now or pay later through slavery and death to freedom.
Cultivate a culture of self sufficient, independent lifestyles, separate from the control grid in your community, teaching the next generation to farm and promote independence with their shopping.

Grow Your Own Food. Shop With Your Local Farm & Farmers Market.

Use Cash. Boycott Businesses That Don't Recieve Cash.

Buy Directly From Felow Citizens In Your Local Community After Establishing Relationships Through Aps Like Craigslist and Offer Up.    

Get creative and encourage others. This is a big work that takes the involvement of the majority of citizens, but you are not in this alone and over time if we are consistant we can have tremendous impact.

Boycott Major Corporations
Fund Dec
entralized Economy


This resource is provided as an outlet to create change and cultivate an independent culture in America after the deconstruction and destabilization of the economy. This organization does not recieve any profit from shopping with these businesses. Shopping with local and American businesses is an imporatnt part of a free society. Businesses that do not violate human rights and that do not promote immorality, rather that promote decentralization and essential Freedom.